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  • Information for Heads of Organisations and HR Directors
  • Information for Survey Coordinators

Welcome to the People Matter Survey 2017

The People Matter Survey is a public sector employee opinion survey.

The survey gives our people the opportunity to express their views on how our shared public sector values and employment principles are demonstrated within their organisation by colleagues, managers and senior leaders. The survey also measures the level of staff engagement and job satisfaction.

Additional modules are offered for organisations that wish to seek more in-depth information on a range of workforce topics.

The survey plays a crucial role in supporting public sector organisations to build positive workplace cultures, assisting them in becoming model employers reflecting the diversity of the Victorian community.

Information for Heads of Organisations and HR Directors

We encourage your organisation to undertake the survey in 2017. If you choose to participate, you can select a two to three week survey period between 24 April and 26 May.

Please let us know whether or not you wish to participate in the survey by completing the following web-based participation form by Friday 10 Februaryhttps://www.orima.com.au/vpsc/organisation/

For further information on how to complete the participation form, please refer to the Guide for Organisation Heads and Human Resource Directors. The guide provides information on the survey, timelines, the reporting of results and how anonymity is protected as well as recommendations on how you can promote the survey within your organisation.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Link to the Guide (PDF, 0.13MB, 15Pages)

Information for Survey Coordinators

The Survey Coordinator Information Kit is designed to provide you with the information you need to run the survey.  

You can also use the links below to download material you will need for the survey, including:

  • a template for your customised organisation structure/composition questions
  • invitation and reminder email templates
  • timelines
  • a poster to promote the survey and
  • the questions used within the core survey and modules

To help you promote the survey we have also prepared a statement summarising how we protect survey participant’s anonymity.

Link to the Coordinator Information Kit (PDF, 0.35MB, 23 pages)

Access all of the People Matter Survey 2017 Resource documents