This means:

  • every role can have some form of flexibility
  • organisations need to embed flexible work into the design and structure of their workforce
  • managers must work with their employees and team to come up with solutions that work for everyone
  • an employee has a meaningful level of control over when, where and how they work

But it shouldn’t:

  • lead to reduced service delivery to the Victorian community
  • negatively impact the achievement of your team and organisation’s objectives
  • materially change the work that you are doing

Above all, your use of flexible work must align with your commitment as a Victorian Public Service employee to improve outcomes for the community we serve.

Aim of the policy

The aim of this policy is to help the Victorian Public Service:

  • attract and retain employees
  • balance the employee’s needs with ongoing service delivery
  • better meet the needs of the Victorian community we serve
  • build a positive workplace culture
  • create a more diverse and inclusive workplace
  • help everyone have a better work-life balance

Why flexible work matters

Flexible work means we can all manage a work-life balance.

This includes things like how we:

  • contribute to the community
  • maintain health and wellbeing
  • parent or care for others
  • return to a COVID-normal workplace
  • study
  • transition to retirement

How to achieve flexible work

To achieve flexible work, we all need to have ongoing discussions and make a strong commitment to this policy.


  • helps us all understand the flexibility we each need
  • helps managers support their team’s work and organisation’s needs

To support flexible work, organisations need to:

  • adapt their processes
  • communicate clearly and consistently
  • embed a culture of learning and improvement
  • embrace new technology and ways of working