Indicative AHRI membership levels

The indicative AHRI membership levels align the framework to the AHRI professional development levels.  These have been included for people who wish to understand how the framework aligns to a nationally recognised HR professional standard.

HR Activity

HR Activity comprises descriptors of the level of activity at which each capability is applied (at each level within the VPS).  For example, the activities undertaken by a VPS Grade 4 role within an HR function would be to apply their knowledge, perform tasks and coordinate activities.

HR Knowledge/Acumen

HR Knowledge/Acumen identifies the level of knowledge and acumen an HR professional requires across each capability, depending on their VPS level or role within the organisation.  For example, a VPS Grade 2 in an administrative role within the HR function should be building their knowledge awareness, whereas a VPS Grade 6 within the HR function should have the knowledge to drive HR activity.

HR Capabilities

These describe the capabilities required of an HR professional within the VPS (at any level of the organisation).  The framework identifies the seven capabilities that an HR professional requires to be effective in the VPS.  These capability requirements can be for any role within the HR function, including generalist HR roles and more specialised HR roles such as learning and development, organisational development, recruitment or organisational change.  The application of the framework to a specialist HR role is acknowledged within the Expert Practitioner capability.