The aim of this module is to understand:

  • your workforce requirements in the future operating environment
  • any gaps between future service delivery demands and your existing workforce
  • identify what data you need and how to capture this information in the future.


By the end of this module, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your business area’s workforce capacity needs and the data you need.

Before you do this module

Before you do this module, we recommend you:

  • review your business area’s service offerings and your strategy map from the discover phase, if you’ve completed this
  • review your business area’s recruitment and employee turnover data
  • review any historical data on how your team has worked out their resourcing or capacity requirements.

You can work out your capacity with high level or detailed inputs.

This could include:

  • deliverables – what needs to be delivered?
  • volume of work – how much work needs to be done, also considering seasonal demand?
  • time per output – how long does the work take?
  • role involvement – how many people are involved?
  • talent retention – what is the employee turnover in your business area?
  • ability to hire – how long does it take to replace a role?
  • work type – what type of work needs to be resourced and what roles are on contract or ongoing?

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to data.

By doing this module, you’ll identify the data you need to collect and refer to in future years.

Or see if you can get comparable data for your organisation, industry or sector.

Activity in this module

Activity 1: inputs to work out capacity

Use the Determine data input template (PowerPoint, 1.1MB)

Review the table to consider the different types of data inputs that may be available, ranging from high-level inputs to detailed inputs.

Determine which data sources you have available or may want to use.

Complete the preferred data inputs column with the data source you will use to work out your workforce capacity.

How to run this module as a workshop

Design: module 4 workshop slides, facilitator guide and speaking notes (PowerPoint, 1.2MB)

Workshop facilitator tips for this module

If you run this as a workshop:

  • have people who analyse or report on your organisation’s data in your discussions
  • don’t worry if you don’t have a complete capacity plan by the end of this module – you can review and do this later in the build phase.

Workshop timeframes

Run workshop: 1.5 hours

Analyse workshop outputs: 1 hour

Total: 2.5 hours