Set up check-ins on probation progress

As your new employee settles into their new role, set up times to give them feedback to support them through their probation. Within the six-month probation period, set up check-ins at regular intervals in line with your organisation’s policies.

Remote working means a person’s usual performance may change as they adapt. If you’ve got concerns with how they’re doing, discuss them early and often so you can both work out how to support them to succeed.

Find out more about probation by speaking with your HR team.

If you work in the Victorian Public Service, read the information on probationary periods in the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020 (page 42).

Develop their Performance Development Plan (PDP)

Introduce your new employee to your organisation’s PDP process and help them commence their plan.

Complete and sign this off by the end of their first month.

Find out more about how to do PDPs when remote working.

Checklist for probation

  • I’ve set up regular catchups with them during their probation to give them the support they need to succeed
  • I’ve helped them develop and sign off their PDP