This guide has been developed to support Victorian Public Service (VPS) and broader public sector human resource (HR) functions in their use of data and measurement, to proactively monitor people activities and influence organisational strategy.

This guide has been designed to be used in conjunction with the publication A Dictionary of People Metrics.

What is included in this guide:

  • an introduction to metrics and people metrics
  • an overview of the different ways of using people metrics
  • principles to guide identification of people metrics that are meaningful to the organisation
  • a checklist to consider when building a story about the business
  • some helpful case studies.

This guide is not intended to:

  • detail HR information systems
  • discuss opportunities for benchmarking
  • provide a prescriptive approach to using people metrics
  • provide a prescriptive list of people metrics.

Objectives of this Guide

The objective of this guide is to support the HR function in the use of people metrics, by further enhancing the capability to use people metrics strategically. To do that, this guide will:

EXPLAIN the role and value of people metrics to HR management.

DISCUSS the approach to using metrics and the important relationship between HR and people metrics.

PROVIDE some principles for using people metrics that are meaningful to the organisational strategic goals.

GUIDE the communication of stories about the business using people metrics.