The ability to achieve outcomes through perseverance and professionalism, even in the face of set-backs and challenges, is a critical aspect of success in any management role.

Any development a manager undertakes in this area should, at minimum, cover the following topics.

  • The importance of building resilience and strategies for ensuring achievement, especially in light of the changing and complex environment in which the Victorian public sector operates.
  • Understanding resilience, including the key attributes and factors that build or diminish resilience.
  • Balancing work and wellbeing in order to address the demands of the job while maintaining personal wellbeing and honouring non-work commitments.
  • Laying the groundwork for achievement, including techniques for making decisions with confidence, time management and prioritising tasks.
  • Being comfortable with complexity, ambiguity, change and risk typically encountered within the Victorian public sector environment.
  • Dealing with set-backs by, for example, maintaining perspective and reframing the set-backs as learning opportunities.
  • Understanding and actively managing stress, including being able to identify causes and signs of own stress and productive stress-response strategies.
  • Seeking assistance to build resilience: knowing when to seek assistance and who to seek it from.

For further information, see Development Guide 3.