This guide is just that – a guide. No one source can ever address the infinite number of situations you will find yourself in as a manager. Just when you think you have seen it all, there will inevitably be something ‘new’ to manage. Remain open to new people, changing situations and different ways of doing things.

Some highlights from the guide are:

  1. Transition – work as much as you can with your team and your manager to identify your priorities.
  2. Understand yourself – try and look at yourself from other’s perspectives … what do they see?
  3. Manage people – create a culture where open communication is the norm. Working with people is not a fact to be learnt, but a skill to be practised.
  4. Understand your environment – keep your eyes open on the big AND little things.
  5. Build relationships – all relationships take time to build, so hang in there!

Suggested activity

List the things that you think will be most challenging for you. What do you plan to do to develop more skills and understanding in each of these areas? Develop an action plan listing the top three actions you will take (you may want to consider some of the suggested activities listed throughout this guide).

Talk to your manager about your development goals and make sure they are included in your performance plan for this year.