This guide offers information and practical tools to assist in the attraction and retention of older workers for line managers and HR professionals in the Victorian public sector. Consistent with recent research findings and best practice, it advocates an age-inclusive approach.

The guide builds on information provided in the background paper, Barriers and Enablers to the Attraction, Recruitment and Retention of Mature Aged Workers (SSA 2008). Its intent is to provide you with resources to support the development of a well-considered business case and an age-inclusive approach to your attraction and retention strategies.

The central tool used in this document is the ‘mature talent framework’, developed specifically for the Victorian public sector by consultants Ernst & Young. It highlights key principles and considerations for attracting and retaining older workers in the public sector and acknowledges the critical role of leadership and management capability in achieving an age-inclusive culture. Importantly, the framework does not advocate a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but leaves scope for you to decide what is right for the mix of skills and ages in your team and your environment.

Attracting and Retaining an Ageing Workforce: A Guide for Victorian Public Sector Managers