Best Practice Recruitment and Selection Process

The Best Practice Recruitment and Selection Toolkit will guide you though your recruitment and selection process. It is useful for you to consider the experience you have had with people with disabilities as you work through and review your process for your next role. If you have not had relevant experience with people with disabilities, you could involve your team. As one in five Australians have a disability, someone in your team will have had experience you may be able to draw upon.

As you will know, there are a host of position functions or purposes and a host of disabilities, so there is not one single best practice recruitment and selection process. It is your task to review the requirements of your role and select the process which will facilitate your ability to identify the best person for the role. This will involve you identifying the key function or purpose for the role and the underpinning skills, personal qualities and/or knowledge which will deliver on that key function or purpose.

Once you have designed your process, consider a range of disabilities and whether your process will enable people with each of those disabilities to demonstrate their personal qualities, skills and knowledge in relation to those required for the role.

Many candidates with disabilities will have either good knowledge of how they might demonstrate the required qualities, skills and knowledge for a role, or they will have access to a support service which will provide you with assistance with this.