The guides will also be of use to Victorian public sector Learning and Development staff and Victorian public sector managers when assessing the value of different development programs and activities.

The guides expand on the Development Framework created by the VPSC. They provide information about core content that should be covered by an activity developing management knowledge, skills and behaviours in the Victorian public sector. They also highlight resources that will assist with the delivery of this core content.

The Development Framework for Victorian Public Sector Managers

The purpose of the Development Framework is to establish a common understanding about the development needs of managers across the Victorian public sector, regardless of the specific organisation or context in which the manager works.

The Development Framework comprises 13 interconnected areas. These areas cover the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to succeed in any Victorian public sector management role.

The 13 areas are:

Management Role Foundations

1. Understanding and developing yourself

2. Different styles of management for different situations

3. Resilience and achievement: keeping going when the going gets tough

4. Advanced interpersonal skills

5. Thinking and acting strategically

Management Role Activities

6. Overseeing operations, projects and resources in the Victorian public sector

7. Managing and developing people in the Victorian public sector

8. Managing difficult situations involving the people a manager manages

9. Managing attraction and recruitment activity in the Victorian public sector

10. Collaborating across and beyond the Victorian public sector

11. Working with diversity in the Victorian public sector

12. Managing during organisational change

13. Contributing to public policy