Adapt the physical traditions

Think about how you can adapt traditions like handshakes, mornings teas and staff stand ups, such as:

  • email a welcome to your new employee and cc’ing in their team members and other relevant people
  • announce their arrival on Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • hold a video morning tea to welcome them

Check everything works

There’s nothing worse than starting the first day and nothing works.

Check with your new employee first thing that they can log in and everything works.

Help them learn and use new software or equipment. Or put time in their diary for you or their remote buddy to help them with this.

Give helpful advice

Give your new employee helpful advice for working remotely, such as:

  • information about your organisation’s culture, values and functions
  • policies and guidelines relevant to their role and working remotely
  • key contacts in the organisation
  • how to contact your IT department or Cenitex

Don’t overload them

Let your employee adapt to remote working and don’t overload them with information.

This is their first day on a long journey, so give them space.

Checklist for their first day

  • I’ve made a list of things to do to welcome them on their first day
  • I’ve made a list of helpful advice to send them and read through
  • I’ve set aside time to help them set up and check everything works
  • I’ve let them have space so I don’t overload them with information