People with disabilities have commented that they have thought that they were not wanted; are fearful of being negatively judged on their disability and concerned that assumptions would be made about their abilities. This leads to concern about declaring a disability and applying for positions at all. (My Plus Consulting Limited, 2012).

Things you can do to ensure that people with disabilities feel welcomed by your work unit or department and appreciated for their abilities, rather than noticed for their disability.

  • Do you have people with disabilities in your work unit or department?
  • Do you have champions who are happy to disclose their disability and discuss any reasonable adjustments that have been made for them in your workplace?
  • Does your website or promotional material profile employees with disabilities?
  • Is your workplace featured on any disability industry websites?
  • Does your department website have a diversity page?
  • Does your unit or department have publicly available information about how disability is accommodated?
  • Do you advertise roles on websites promoting roles for people with disability?
  • Are your representatives attending careers functions briefed about discussing your welcoming applications from people with disabilities and accommodations for them?
  • Do you have relationships with disability liaison officers from universities and TAFE?