It is often not what a manager does that produces results, but how they do it. Being able to use a style of management that suits an individual’s personality and the situation in which they manage is a core skill for managers.

Any development a manager undertakes in this area should, at minimum, cover the following topics.

  • The importance of being able to adapt management approaches for different situations, especially in the context of the changing and complex environment in which the Victorian public sector operates and the composition of the public sector workforce.
  • Reading a situation using environmental and emotional intelligence, and an understanding of different personality types and organisational cultures to identify when actions are required and what form these should take.
  • Understanding different management styles commonly used in contemporary Australian workplaces.
  • Applying preferred and alternative management approaches appropriate to a manager’s personality, the situation and changes to the situation.
  • Seeking assistance to select and adapt appropriate management approaches: knowing when to seek assistance and who to seek it from.

For further information, see Development Guide 2.