About this policy

It replaces the old ‘all roles flex’ policy.

The policy:

  • tells you why we have a flexible work policy
  • gives you principles to follow to help your team work flexibly
  • gives you a set of tools to support you to use this policy
  • shows you the other policies and laws that support this policy

Who this policy applies to

This policy applies to all Victorian Public Service employees including executives.

How your organisation must implement this policy

It’s up to your organisation to work out how you implement this policy. This includes how you update existing processes, in line with whole-of-Victorian-government guidance.

You must align what you do with the flexible work guiding principles.

For more support, read how to implement flexible work in your organisation.

The laws you must comply with

Some employees have a legal right to request changes to when, where and how they work.

To find out more, read: