It’s a flexible, modular approach to strategic workforce planning that can help you:

  • plan for changes in the operating environment of your organisation or business area
  • establish the future needs of your workforce
  • undertake end-to-end strategic workforce planning
  • complement existing strategic workforce planning or people initiatives
  • enhance your knowledge of strategic workforce planning.

Who the toolkit is for

We have developed this toolkit to support all levels of practitioners in strategic workforce planning including employees in people and culture, change management and corporate strategy.

What’s in the toolkit

The strategic workforce planning toolkit has 3 stages:

  • Discover – where you explore changes, identify scenarios and their impacts on the workforce
  • Design – where you design a response to the changes that may impact your workforce in the future
  • Build – where you work out the actions required to move your workforce from the present into the future.

How to use the toolkit

You can use this toolkit in a few ways:

  • as self-paced modules you can do on your own or in small teams
  • as facilitated workshops with teams or larger groups, which we recommend to get the most out of this toolkit

There are 11 modules across the 3 stages that include:

  • suggestions on who to involve in each module
  • information about the strategic workforce planning process
  • templates for you and your stakeholders to use
  • PowerPoint slides and speaking notes if you run a module as a workshop.

How we developed the toolkit

To design this toolkit, we:

  • co-designed the strategic workforce planning process with Victorian Public Service departments
  • tested the process from start to finish with teams in 2 departments.