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The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) has created the Development Framework for Victorian public sector managers to establish a common understanding about the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for success in any Victorian public sector management role, regardless of the specific context in which the role is performed.

Used to shape the professional development of emerging and experienced managers, the Development Framework will contribute to the ability of Victorian public sector managers to move easily from one role, situation or environment to another. This provides the basis for a responsive and adaptive public sector.

The Development Framework contains 13 development areas, presented in two sections: management role foundations and management role activities.

The management role foundations section covers the underpinning knowledge, skills and behaviours that every successful Victorian public sector manager draws on every day. They are, literally, everyday management knowledge, skills and behaviours:

1. Understanding and developing yourself

2. Different styles of management for different situations

3. Resilience and achievement

4. Advanced interpersonal skills

5. Thinking and acting strategically.

The management role activities section covers the tasks and actions that all managers need to undertake in order to deliver outcomes, regardless of the specific nature or context of their work. These include:

6. Overseeing operations, projects and resources in the Victorian public sector

7. Managing and developing people in the Victorian public sector

8. Managing difficult situations involving the people a manager manages

9. Managing attraction and recruitment activity in the Victorian public sector

10. Collaborating across and beyond the Victorian public sector

11. Working with diversity in the Victorian public sector

12. Managing during organisational change

13. Contributing to public policy.

The Development Framework is detailed in different ways for different audiences through a suite of resources collectively titled Great manager, great results.

The knowledge, skills and behaviours specifically related to the Victorian Public Sector are highlighted throughout the Great manager, great results documents. The VPSC’s Welcome to government also provides more information about the Victorian public sector context.

The Development Framework does not focus at all on the professional, technical or context-specific knowledge, skills and behaviours a manager may require in their role. Department and agency capability frameworks, position descriptions for individual roles, and human resources staff will assist managers to identify any job-specific capabilities they may need to develop.

How the Development Framework Fits Together

The order in which a manager focuses on the different development areas will, of course, depend on their existing knowledge, skills and behaviours, their experience and aspirations, and the context in which they work.

However, a manager (or an aspiring manager) should focus first on developing expertise in the management role foundations. The knowledge, skills and behaviours highlighted in this part of the framework underpin the ability to succeed in all aspects of a management role.

Next, a manager should focus on developing expertise in ‘overseeing operations’ and in ‘managing and developing people’.

The arrows in the diagram below show how the other development areas build on the knowledge, skills and behaviours covered in these foundation areas.


Where to From Here?

The VPSC has developed a number of resources that provide more information about the Development Framework for different audiences.

Of course, individual Victorian public sector organisations have their own resources that managers can draw on to help them identify and address their professional development needs.



This resource suite contains:

Available formats

Development framework for Victorian public sector managers

Do you work in HR? The Development Framework outlines the aims and objectives of the Great Managers, Great Results project. It provides a summary of the 13 development areas that cover the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for success in any Victorian public sector management role. There is a separate resource containing development guides for each of the thirteen areas.

View Online Download PDF 0.67MB 28 pages

Helping Your Managers Develop: A Guide for Victorian Public Sector Executives

The Helping Your Managers Develop guide helps you have a conversation with the managers who report to you about the development they need.

View Online Download PDF 0.50MB 8 pages

Development Guides

Thirteen development guides have been written for individuals and organisations that deliver development activities for Victorian public sector managers.

Each guide provides information about what a development activity in that area should cover, as well as freely available resources to assist with delivery of this content.

The guides are also of value to Victorian public sector learning and development staff and managers as they assess the value of different development programs and activities.

View Online Download PDF 0.97MB 28 pages

Self assessment and development planning template

Are you a manager (or do you want to become one)? The Self Assessment and Development Planning template helps you identify and develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for success in any management role. It also contains advice about how to ensure that development activities you undertake will be effective and how to talk to your manager about the development you need. do you manage managers?

View Online Download PDF 0.85MB 44 pages