To be a contemporary employer of choice, the VPS needs to cultivate a culture where working flexibly is business as usual.

Flexible working arrangements give our employees a meaningful level of control over when, where and how work is accomplished.  It’s also one of the key drivers of employee engagement, which is linked to higher productivity, creativity and motivation in the workplace.

In September 2016, the Victorian Secretaries Board committed to ‘All Roles Flex’, a recommendation that provides for mainstream implementation of flexible working arrangements across the VPS.

This reflects a genuine commitment to review how the Service can support both individual flexibility and business performance needs, while recognising that not all forms of flexibility will be suitable for all roles at any time.

Processes will differ from agency to agency, but the goal should be to reach an outcome in which an individual’s needs for flexibility are met, consistent with business requirements, industrial instruments and legislative requirements.


VPSC has consulted across the VPS to a develop the Mainstreaming Flexibility across the VPS resource materials, to support implementation of the “All Roles Flex” initiative.

These materials have been endorsed by each department, the CPSU and IRV. They are intentionally streamlined  to work in concert with department policies regarding flexible work given differentiating factors including business, environment and organisation maturity.

Types of flexible working arrangements, a step-by-step approach to getting to flexible, and checklists to ensure the balance between the needs of the individual and the organisation, are all addressed in the documentation.

The toolkit provides enough material to help HR practitioners craft their own agency specific templates and guidance, and to help frame a consistent VPS-wide approach to implementation.

Review the Mainstreaming Flexibility across the VPS – Resources