The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) provides resources to assist in the recruitment and selection for careers with the Victorian Government.

The following best practice recruitment and selection resources can help in the task of recruiting and selecting the right staff for your organisation.

The Best Practice Recruitment Selection Toolkit

The Best Practice Recruitment and Selection Toolkit was developed to assist public sector the Victorian Public Service (VPS) and the wider public sector to implement best practice recruitment and selection processes.

The toolkit includes:

  • an overview document on best practice, plus information sheets on particular recruitment selection
  • templates for processes, and recruitment and selection
  • training program documents, including a series of modules with specific learning outcomes covering the recruitment and selection process. The program may be customised to suit specific organisational needs or requirements.

Getting Recruitment Right

As a line manager, it is your responsibility to recruit the right person for the job.

By understanding your role and responsibilities in the recruitment and selection process, you can reduce and in most cases eliminate the risk of poor hiring decisions.

This is good for your effectiveness as a manager, good for your team and organisation and good for those you hire.

Why does getting recruitment right matter?

Getting it right matters because poor recruitment costs time, money and effort – for you and all involved. The costs can be direct (for example, advertising, remuneration) or indirect (for example, performance problems, lower team morale, reduced productivity). Combined, they can add up to 2.5 times the salary of the role.

A robust, well-considered recruitment process means that you’re better able to select the best person for a role.

What is this resource?

Getting Recruitment Right is a guide for line managers who are responsible for recruiting. It complements the VPSC’s Best Practice Recruitment and Selection Toolkit.

Mastering the Art of Interviewing and Selection

Mastering the Art of Recruitment and Selection is a guide for any line manager who needs to recruit staff.

This guide covers how to:

  • prepare for an interview
  • conduct an interview
  • other assessment techniques
  • check references
  • rate an applicant overall
  • make the choice.

Line managers have the responsibility to get the interview and selection process right and to positively represent the organisation as an employer of choice.

A well-managed interview and selection process means that the best person for the role and for the organisation is likely to be selected.

The interview is the most commonly used selection technique and, if used appropriately, is one of the most powerful predictors of work performance of potential employees.

The interview provides you the opportunity to:

  • meet the potential employee
  • gauge the applicant’s ability to meet the requirements of the current role, and possible future tasks, through a variety of interviewing techniques
  • determine whether the applicant has the right personal attributes to fit your organisation and team.

Combine interviews with other assessment activities, such as work sample or job knowledge testing, psychometric (attitude and cognitive) testing, and a rigorous reference-checking process. This provides you with a comprehensive assessment of an applicant’s ability to do the role and their fit within your organisation.