The Towards Common Practice project was initiated to develop common policies across all Victorian public service (VPS) organisations.

The common policies apply to all VPS departments and agencies (i.e. employers) and their employees covered by the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2016 (“VPS Agreement”).

Clause 4.4 of the VPS Agreement committed the parties to develop common policies that underpin key provisions of the VPS Agreement. The common policies listed on the VPS Agreement resource page facilitate consistent interpretation of key provisions in the VPS Agreement across all departments and agencies covered by the VPS Agreement.

While the common policies contain useful guidance on the interpretation and application of the VPS Agreement, they are not of themselves legally binding. It is the VPS Agreement which is the ultimate determining factor as to an employee’s eligibility for a particular entitlement. With this in mind, the policies should be read in conjunction with the relevant provisions in the VPS Agreement.

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